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Call for 2023 Visiting Students Programs for International Students

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1.     Introduction

In order to further strengthen the international exchanges and cooperation, as well as the construction of "double first-class" project, the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) has launched the Visiting Student Program to welcome outstanding young students and scholars from all over the world for short term visits, course learning, academic exchanges and research cooperation.

Based on the applicant’s academic background, visiting students can be divided into two basic categories, Regular Visiting Student and Senior Visiting Student. A foreign student who has completed at least one year of undergraduate study at their home university and wish to take courses at UCAS college/CAS institute for one or two semesters may be admitted as a Regular Visiting Student. For those who have attained at least a Master’s degree and wish to do their joint PhD programs or conduct research in a specific subject at UCAS college/CAS institute for one year or more, they may apply to be admitted as a Senior Visiting Student. Upon completion of his or her program, visiting student will receive a certificate of achievement but not a degree.

2. General Conditions for Applicants

(1)   Be non-Chinese citizen with a valid passport, friendly to China and abiding by the laws and decrees of China, and UCAS rules and regulations.

(2)   Be of good character and in good health without any infectious disease or physical or mental diseases that may affect the normal study.

(3)   Education requirements:

Regular Visiting Students: one-year college learning experience or above;

Senior Visiting Students: holding a Master’s degree/Doctoral degree or an equivalent degree.

(4)   English proficiency is required. For Chinese-taught programs, the applicant's Chinese proficiency shall reach at least HSK level 5.

3. Application time

The whole year.


4. Application Materials

    ID Page of Valid Passport

Passport type must be ordinary. It shall have at least 1-year validity. Applicants who have given up their original Chinese citizenship and become foreign citizens shall provide the documents certifying the cancellation of Chinese nationality, according to the Nationality Law of the People's Republic of China.

    Full-Face Bust Photo with 2-Inch

The uploaded photo shall be the same as that used for your passport.

    CV with details of education background

    Highest Degree Certificate

    Highest Degree’s Transcripts

    Study Plan/Research Proposal

Study Plan is required for Regular Visiting Student. Research proposal is required for Senior Visiting Student.

    Two Reference Letters

The referees shall be professors or associate professors (or equivalent professionals with relevant academic title), not to be your host supervisor, and be familiar with you and your research work. The letters should be signed, dated on official headed paper with contact phone number and email address of the referees. Reference letters in the body of e-mails will NOT be accepted!

    Provisional Acceptance Form (If have) (Attachment 1)

  This form is a supplementary part of application materials (Not required for Regular Visiting Student). When submitting the application, if the applicant finds a supervisor and got accepted, he or she shall upload the supervisor-signed Provisional Acceptance Form to the online application system. If the applicant does not find any supervisor, he or she shall choose “I agree to be arranged to a more suitable college/institute/supervisor”, and the arranged supervisor who has interest to accept you shall upload this form to the online application system (The system will send an explanatory email to the supervisor).

    Bank Receipt of Application Processing Fee

Applicants of Chinese Government Scholarship and UCAS Partial Scholarship for International Students are not required to pay for this fee. Processing fee is non-refundable in any case.


5. Online Application

Applicants are required to submit their application via the online application system ( at least three months prior to their expected date of registration at UCAS. Please also note that the information filled in is very important for the university to make Admission Notice, Visa Application Form and others. Applicants must ensure that the information filled in is accurate, to avoid any impact on the subsequent related matters.


6. Evaluation and Admission

Admission is based on a comprehensive evaluation of application documents together with the comment of college/institute. Admission Notices, Visa Application Forms and some other documents will be sent to the admitted students after the final admission result is released. Prior to this, applicants may check their admission status via the Online Application System for International Students of UCAS (here)


7. Visa Application and Registration

The admitted student should take the passport that is used for admission application, Admission Notice, Visa Application Form (JW202/JW201), and other required documents to the Embassy or Consulate of the People's Republic of China, and apply for a student visa (X1/X2 visa). International students who study in China for over 6 months are required to obtain ‘X1’ Visa, which is only valid for 30 days after your arrival in China. You must apply for a Residence Permit within 30 days in order to obtain a legal status in China. Students who study for less than 6 months should apply for ‘X2’ visa.

The admitted student should register at the place indicated in the Admission Notice, and should register on the assigned date. Otherwise, they should get the university approval in advance.


8. Fees and Scholarships

8.1 Application Processing Fee, Tuition, and Expenses:

(1) Application processing fee: RMB 450 (Non-refundable);

(2) Tuition:

Visiting Student RMB 2,600/month;

Senior Visiting Student RMB 3,000/month;

 (3) Accidental Injury and Hospitalization Insurance premium:

RMB 800/year, RMB 400/half year;

(4) Accommodation (shared rooms) fee: RMB 900/month for one student;

(5) Outpatient service fee is paid according to the insurance scheme of insurance company.

Board expenses, travel expenses and other costs of experiments, meetings and trainings beyond the program curriculum are at the student’s own expense.


Please note:

    1. Currencies other than RMB, USD or EUR are unacceptable.

    2. UCAS bank account information:

Beneficiary: University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Account number: 11001059200053002790

Bank: Construction Bank of China

Beijing Municipal Dongfangguangchang Branch


    3. Please specify the purpose of the remittance and the student’s name, nationality and passport number.


8.2 Scholarships

Chinese Government Scholarship

The Chinese Government Scholarship provides Great Wall Program/EU Program/PIF Program and etc. to sponsor international students to study at Chinese universities. The scholarship offers fee waivers of admission application and tuition, health insurance, on-campus accommodation, etc. Please refer to the website of the China Scholarship Council ( for detailed introduction, qualifications of applicants and application procedure.

UCAS is one of the Chinese Government Scholarship universities. Eligible applicants may apply to the related institutions for the Chinese Government Scholarship. The scholarship application usually starts in November and ends in the following April, but please be noted of deadline variations for different countries. The International Students Office of UCAS will offer pre-admission notice if needed.

Applicants may submit application via UCAS (see here for detailed information and application procedure). But this is only for a small number of excellent international students who are not currently studying in China.

UCAS Partial Scholarship for International Students

This scholarship offers talent international students and scholars to have visiting study at UCAS. It provides a fee waiver of tuition and application as well as health insurance (No Stipend). Please refer to the UCAS website ( for more information.


9. Contact Information

Coordinator: Ms. Lily Wang

International Students Office

University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Add: No. 80 Zhongguancun East Road, Haidian District, Beijing, 100190, China


Tel: +86-10-82672900 Fax: +86-10-82672900