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UCAS Scholarship for International Students 2024 Call for Applications

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Part I: Introduction

The University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) has set up the UCAS Scholarship for International Students to sponsor young talents all over the world to pursue Master’s or Doctoral degree, or attend courses, conduct research or pay academic visits at UCAS colleges/CAS institutes. The Scholarship also encourages international graduate students currently studying at foreign universities to come for study on joint programs.

The scholarship consists of both a full scholarship and a partial scholarship. The full scholarship provides tuition waiver, application fee waiver, monthly stipend, basic accommodation and medical insurance; while the partial scholarship covers some items of the Full. The full scholarship is majorly sponsoring Master’s and doctoral candidates.

Part II: Coverage and duration

Full Scholarship

a) Tuition waiver

PhD students would be exempted from a tuition fee of RMB 40,000/year.

Masterstudents would be exempted from a tuition fee of RMB 30,000/year.

b) Monthly stipend:

UCAS provides monthly stipend of RMB 2,500 for Doctoral students and RMB 2,000 for Master students. In addition, host supervisor and UCAS faculty/CAS institute (hereinafter referred to as faculty/institute) provide research assistantship for awardees considering their academic performances. The total amounts of monthly stipend will be no less than RMB 3500 for Doctoral students and RMB 3000 for Master students.

c) Accommodation:

UCAS provides basic accommodation to awardees from faculties/institutes located in Beijing. As for awardees from CAS institutes located outside Beijing, they would be provided with basic accommodation when attending the concentrated study at UCAS, while their host institutes would help to provide accommodation or solve accommodation-related problems when awardees are with them, and the awardees shall pay for relevant expenses as requested by the institutes.

d) Medical Insurance:

The insurance premium is RMB 800/year.

e) Application Fee:

Students would be exempted from application processing fee of RMB 600.

f) Duration (with NO EXTENSION)

Master/Doctoral students: no longer than 36 months

Partial Scholarship

Coverage: including the above a), d), e).


Master/Doctoral students: no longer than 36 months; Students on joint programs and Regular and Senior visiting students: 6-24months.

Part III: Eligibility

Eligible applicants must:

·Be non-Chinese citizen with a valid passport, friendly to China and abiding by the laws and decrees of China, and UCAS rules and regulations.

·Be proficient in English or Chinese;

·For PhD program applicants: be born after 1st January 1989 (inclusive);

·For Master's program applicants: be born after 1st January 1994 (inclusive);

·For Senior visiting students: be born after 1st January 1979 (inclusive);

·For Regular visiting students: be born after 1st January 1984 (inclusive);

·For joint program applicants: no age limitation.

· Meet the admission criteria for UCAS international students (please refer to 2024 calls for applications);

·Not take up other assignments during the period of his/her scholarship.

·Scholarship awardees who pursue doctoral or master degree at UCAS should take full-time study without any occupation.


· If you are currently pursuing a Master's degree at any university/institution in China, you are NOT eligible for the Master's program of this scholarship. If you are currently pursuing a doctoral degree at any university/institution in China, you are NOT eligible for the PhD program of this scholarship. Except for those who are graduating before September of the year of enrollment. Otherwise, you will be disqualified from admission and the situation will be reported to your current university/institution.

· You are NOT allowed to apply for this scholarship with two supervisors simultaneously, otherwise you will be disqualified from admission.

· Because the education system in some countries is different from that in China, please seeherefor the degree requirements of applicants.

Part IV: Application Procedure

1. Application Materials

Please refer to the Call for 2024 Doctoral Programs for International Students, the Call for 2024 Master's Programs for International Students and the Call for 2024 Visiting Students Programs for International Students (here).

2. Online Application

Please log in the Online Admission System for International Students at UCAS (here) and follow its instructions to finish all the required application procedures. File and submit your application in the system as requested before deadline. Choose “UCAS Scholarship for International Students” in your application.

Deadline for Applicants

For PhD and Master's programs: 15 February, 2024 (Beijing Time).

For Senior visiting and Regular visiting programs: no deadline.

Additional Information

·Awardees must register at the time and place indicated in the Admission Notice. Otherwise, they should apply for extension of their registration.

·The duration of the scholarship stated explicitly in the Admission Notice.

· Registered awardees must abide by relevant rules and regulations of the universities, and attend reviews and examinations, such as annual review on time. Awardees who fail review or examination will be deprived of their scholarship or their scholarship will be suspended.

·Any work produced and published by the awardees during the funding period of the scholarship must be credited to the host UCAS schools/CAS institutes and UCAS. Awardees are also required to acknowledge “Sponsored by UCAS Scholarship for International Students”.

Contact Information

Coordinator: Ms. Hu

International Students Office

University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

No.80 Zhongguancun East Road, Haidian District, Beijing, 100190, China