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【学术活动10.31】Detection of Neutrinos with Air Shower Arrays

Title: Detection of Neutrinos with Air Shower Arrays

Speaker: Dr. Giuseppe Di Sciascio (INFN, Rome)

Host: Dr. Quanbu Gou

Time: 20:00 (Beijing Time), Monday, 2022-10-31

Zoom: https://fnal.zoom.us/j/6936576476   

Zoom meeting ID: 6936576476




The observation of PeV cosmic neutrinos is an essential tool for understanding cosmic ray acceleration and source evolution. These particles are produced either within astrophysical sources or when ultra-high energy cosmic rays interact with the Interstellar medium. Neutrino signals may accompany electromagnetic and gravitational messengers, or they may be the primary signal at the site of cosmic ray acceleration. Neutrino messengers from transient or flaring sources (AGN, GRB) are a topic of intense study. The observations of UHE gamma-ray emissions from GRBs with Cherenkov telescopes in the last years and the detection of a 18 TeV photon from GRB221009A by LHAASO pushes experimental efforts to observe possible correlated neutrino emission. In principle neutrinos can be detected also by Air Shower arrays through the observation of Horizontal Air Showers (showers with a zenith angle >70 deg). In this talk this topic is discussed and preliminary sensitivity of an array like LHAASO presented.


About the speaker:

Giuseppe Di Sciascio is a Senior Researcher of the INFN at the University of Roma Tor Vergata (permanent position). He got his doctor degree in 1993 at University of Naples. He has been the Spokesperson of the Italian side of the ARGO-YBJ Collaboration since 2012. He is a member of Cosmic Ray working groups of MATHUSLA and SWGO projects, and responsible of the Roma Tor Vergata group of the E989 experiment at Fermilab.